Sunday, February 15, 2009

South Land of the Holy Spirit


A few weeks ago my brother and I spoke on the phone, he had moved from where he was living with his daughter to take up residence on a farm north of Melbourne. He has a job feeding the sheep daily which takes an hour and a half and for his wages he gets a house rent free.Some days later my niece told me my father was in Melbourne down from Sydney, staying on the farm with my brother.

I called and made arrangements to visit the following day. I have several gps units and as they are subject to God altering them at will, proven by the gps my mate Grant had with him when he went to Ayres Rock, which had revealed to me details that proved absolutely God did it, I knew that the same would be the case when I went to the farm.I took along a Garmin voice prompt gps and a Magellan hand held like the one Grant had with him at Ayres Rock.

When I returned the Magellan, which has the detailed maps, was downloaded to the computer, giving me the coordinates. The farm is located dead centre of the land mass of Victoria, a line directly south to the South Pole passes through the most northern bay centre of Port Phillip Bay. The bay is a hook shape and where the line exists the most southerly point of the land mass, being the most southerly point of Australia mainland, that point is 88.8 miles from my Nell Street home situated on a line around the earth 31,690 kilometers perimeter.

The home on Nell Street to the home where I was born in Sydney on Rothschild Avenue Rosebery, back to the Farm and down back to Nell Street is 888 miles.The farm house to the South Pole is 3168 nautical miles. The farm is 700 acres. The distance to the farm house from Nell street is royalty and king and to take dominion.The following day I again downloaded the tracks from the gps and like Ayres Rock, the tracking lines had altered, it drew out a large M shape, plotting the speed along these legs gave a speed of 698 kph.

This number is I AM total in the KJV and is Marshall in Greek.

There is much more to say on this but requires detailed maps drawn which I am working on, but it would appear that Australia was the first continent created as geologists confirm it is, while it is the last settled. This is why New Zealand is 888 miles log, it points to the Australian continent as being laid out as a bible in land mass therefore I have been pondering where I would be led to establish the Kingdom, and the South Land of the Holy Spirit.

This could potentially be the location, or another learning curve as to how to read the signs so I will be able to correctly interpret nature overall.Needless to say it is very interesting.

Peace and Love Brian

an update:-I took three gps units away with me yesterday, the Garmin Street Pilot voice prompt, the second was a Magellan Meridian color with street maps and the third was a Magellan Platinum Meridian.The colour unit was downloaded yesterday as was the Platinum, the tracking stopped at the farm, even though I had switched the Platinum off at the farm when I got there and left it off when I left, it recorded a trip in seconds of 5547.67 seconds.5547 is Christ.The colour unit was not switched off and yet when I arrived home it had switched itself off at the gate as I left the farm.

All these odd happenings are out of the normal operating procedures for the gps used. I conclude that the almighty is altering the information as a means of communication I understand, a language that uses coincidence, time, location, pointing to the preordained creation of the Earth in structure and form, opened by the Great Pyramid as the altar to the Lord.

Peace and Love


I am writing you an extensive letter on the anointing and capstone, as the numbers are lined up with Nell Street perfectly. If we scribe and arc from this house, it reveals confirmation to such a degree its hard to get ones mind around it.

I am attempting to explain the 'language' of God and how we can 'remember' it from being with God before creation, and as such I feel that once I crack it I can teach you how to follow the logic and to some degree uncover the message pertinent to you and generally understand why my position is necessary being a genetic time bomb so to speak.

The royal blood seem a fascination to the medics here, I have had bone marrow taken and independently contacted by the Garvan Institute for genetic studies who are the world leaders in DNA researchers located in Sydney. They want to do a study on me.

My feeling on this matter is why not? Dealing with people of high IQ may open up their eyes to our reality. As for the farm, it appears this will play a part in the establishing of the Holy City that must spread over the entire world from here. You may well be coming here soon for a visit.

Peace and Love Brian