Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Murdoch of Fox News Admits Manipulating the News for Agenda

- Admits he supported the Bush Agenda in Iraq - He is part of the Bilderburg group - This is why Fox News has an agenda against Ron Paul in the 2008 Presidential Election.


The Same Rupert Murdoch that Supresses the News Of Aids and Cancer Being Cured in New Guinea. U-tube-MichelleNye

Post courier Newspaper Port Moresby

On two occasions the Post courier was going to run our AIDS cure on the front page, Monday 1st February 2009 then cancelled to reschedule for Tuesday the 2nd. The editor, an Australian would not look at me, he told the reporter he knew me from Melbourne. He ordered the reporter to contact the AIDS Council and the Government for comment. Both refused but said they knew of me and was watching what I was doing. On the 1st she interviewed several of our cured patients; she then rewrote the story scheduling it for the front page on the 2nd. The Australian again stopped the story. The paper is owned by Rupert Murdock. The video is in the newsroom.


The Trap has been sprung

Sitting in the newspaper office of Rupert Murdock New Limited the political reporter was cured of AIDS. She was then convinced. She felt certain she was going to print the AIDS cure story the next morning on the front page and it would go world wide. I told her it would be stopped. She was witness to patients who told her how they were cured. What the world fails to see is its the little people who tell each other their government is corrupt. Before long the entire nation will be made aware they are targeted for death and the Lord has come to save them. Mar 13:20And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.


How New Guinea can defeat the Beast

The world is dominated by currency fraud, I will introduce a one ounce gold note redeemable in Gold. The cost to print the note would be 10 cents and investors world wide would buy the ounce of gold from any New Guinea Embassy. This would be the only note in the world backed by gold. As the gold prices increase in value, the investor will gain exponentially. Nations like Korea would come and establish manufacturing industries tax free and be paid in gold. World investors would buy the note knowing the nation is sitting on vast gold reserves. This was filmed in the office of the Post Courier, at the computer is the lady who was stopped from printing her artical on our AIDS cure.