Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why is Brian Not God ~ Here's a few Examples

LisaMarie Golightly Marshall
what is this about the 144000 being the chosen women of muslium faith?

Martha Marshall
19 stones remain on the pyramid the rest of the 143, 981 stones were stolen and are missing...Yahweh came to the conclusion since the world is so stupid and deceived it could only mean that the 144,000 completion has to be future and has to be from his own seed still in the realm of no time and he has go get them to the earth...since Adam could not do it...Adam God has to come to the earth to bring forth the righteous through the meek and chaste, the purest among women raised to bring forth the children of God...think of it as the Mary and Joseph story x thousands of women, the mothers of the children of God from his seed.....through the modern technology of AI, ...he has reached that conclusion after suffering the decadence and depravity of all the nations of the earth, the only nation not to have fallen for the Zionist beast Western religion of Lucifer is other way...and he has judged harshly not willing to have his children come forth into a world that tolerates homosexuality and the depraved morality of the western nations, all must go and then over time his children will come forth....we have concluded the 19 represented by the 19 remaining alabaster stones at the base of the pyramid are 19 righteous rulers already here who along with Mahmoud and Putin will lead their nations into the world of peace and Paradise, it has become blatantly obvious that the strength of intellect is so lacking that Yahweh can reach no other conclusion, much to his despair and seems like He has to do it all himself in order to bring the souls from heaven to earth....we have 1000 years

LisaMarie Golightly Marshall
Hum so what does that make us the ones that recognize you guys? well we have done what we could spreading the news that you are back and reincarnation is real. some of us have tried really hard to do that part. I guess it will all work out somehow.

the last i knew the evil in the minds of mankind where to be wiped clean, a new slate, with walking living zombies wondering the earth and then paraidise would be here. so now you say we have a 1000 yrs to work on it? thats a bit of an anticlimax! I thought Nibiru was Gabriel coming to save his creation. Brian Yahweh is always changing his mind about things, Its hard to keep up with him. and it is up to him to show the world he is back otherwise how are alll the stupid of his creation suppose to understand it?

I do see more of the evil in control starting to face their crimes but it is coming very slowly as the world still goes to shit as evil is still in charge.

From his seed in the realm of No time? you mean from the Heavenly realm where now, lucifer and his minions now reside? because Yahweh gave it back to him? So now we are all going to die and come back again? this is getting Redundant. I believe His numbers prove who he is and i heard his voice, but am not liking his wishy washy ways. You are either the Reincarnated Yahweh and Prove that to the world or you go the way of being just another cult leader, cause thats what he looks like. Is that what our Creator wants? What good does PISSING OFF THE WHOLE WORLD DO? or contstantly backpedaling and changing things to suit his mood, and making those who believe in him look like fools.

Iran is Shari Laws right? Where they treat their women like Mongrel dogs! and Brian is supposedly being buddy buddy with the President?

Posts to Wake Up sheeple youtube channel

Who is this guy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Is he a good guy? what is the difference between Musliums, Islam and radical islam? why do the woman wear burkas, is that freedom? is this President for Shari Laws and how is that good for the rest of the world, You dont go by these laws, you get or head chopped off or some other extreme form of punishment? How is this Gods way? Sodomy is a bad thing but, its it a right of a government to hang u for it? Is He part of the Muslium Brotherhood? I see he talks a good talk but i also seeing a darker side. I am just confused about this. can someone send me a pm explaining why this is all a good thing? thanks

Why am i the only one commenting here and Why is No one trying to answer my questions, except 1 person so far in a pm. and here is some of what they said "as Iran's leader he does make many excellent points about the Wests corruption & agenda re: Palestine, His own country is a dictatorial, theocracy, under his reign. You totally nailed it when you mentioned the Burqas & the way women are treated. Women still get stoned to death in Iran for driving cars without a male relative beside them. Women still get arrested for attempting to get educated & start a business (other than as a teacher) This is state law under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.. I work with some Iranian refugees & have heard about how Iranian citizens risk death & or imprisonment trying to leave the country. Internet is limited in Iran & 99% of ppl have a censored internet (like China) Gays get hung, beaten, raped & worse. Statistics show more male to male rape in Iran than most western countries. This is coz Mahmoud Ahmadinejad states there are no Gays in Iran. This pushes people into extreme hatred. Ironically, straight men do the raping."

This makes me Sick to My Soul!
Iam posting this to my channel, just incase it gets Deleted from Brian's latest channel. Yahweh cant seem to Keep a channel, keeps being terminated for Hate speech! God is about Love, True Justice comes from a Loving Heart.

My Mom just passed away in the night. She was 75. Angels of Yahweh Take care of my Mommy. Glad i got to talk to her on Mother's Day. I'll Always Love and Miss You Bessie my Mom.

Where is my Mom Yahweh? Is she is Heaven with lucifer cause she might not have believed you are here? I Love my Mom and she had a Hard life. No she's Not with the demons, Oh wait you changed your mind, were all going to die now and come back again cause the world is too STUPID TO GET IT. your 144000 chaste and virginal woman need to carry your seed for paradise in the future. You know what, I have about had Enough. What happens when Yahweh Jesus reincarnates to the earth to save his Children, his Creation but loses His Mind? does that mean we are All Screwed? Only Angelic Intervention Will Save Us. And No I am Not possessed and of the devil, I am PISSED OFF. You put your GOD ROBE On and Do as you Promised!

Thanks jas. I appreciate your insight and thoughtful words about my Mom, as all my friends also Know that she is in Heaven with the Angel's of Yahweh too and I agree with what you say in regards to Brian, And I Believe His Numbers Prove who he is and like i have said many times I have heard his voice and have had dreams with him and Mama Asherah. but this Iran thing is bothering me along with the 144000 virgins of the future. To me its time to stop the Controversy and bring the world together. Paradise is Not a 1000yrs yrs from now, Its here, Stand up and make it Happen Yahweh like you promised! Thats how i see it. And I have been here awhile. What good does it do to keep Pissing off the whole world, if thats keeps up, whose is there left to save? hahaha Oh Brother me and my Big mouth! and Iran is Not the Promised land, no way Not with their Major human rights Violations! Utterly Appauling.

He may have been a puppet but obviously Hitler wasnt an innocent bystander. From when i found Brian online. His focus was to show the world he's back reincarnated as Jesus, God the Father Yahweh, here to gather his 144000 saint along with His Heavenly Angels to bring his creation into paradise on earth which fell in line with the 2012 mayan calander, and finally do away with lucifer and his fallen angels. Alot has happened or hasnt happened since so who knows what is what any more.

I personally feel the world has gotten better as of late, people are slowly waking up, becoming more aware, the energy feels more soothing and gentle, it's obviously going to take some time, but the zionists are still up to there dirty tricks, I feel Yahweh had enough of being rejected, he's tried so hard to bring paradise to the world and people just don't care beside a few, I'm sure it gets to him, all this has consumed him . And maybe a break from it all will be good for him, and when he comes back he'll be rejuvenated and focus on his path, if he chooses to do so.

So when the Muslims tell you to take a hike Yahweh,( from what i have been reading they wont believe you, they dont even believe in Reincarnation or that Jesus had a Father!) who's next, the Buddist, maybe the Scientologist? so you can keep saying that the Whole world Rejects you. The Creator doesnt have the luxury of sitting back on his laurals to take a break. It's Not part of the DVD. In His own words " This is Not a Fucking Election" He has a job to do. That is saving His Children, His Creation from the evil that He Himself let Reign on earth. It's Time To Prove to the Whole World who You are. If Paradise has started then the Whole world should have No Doubt as to Who you are. This "The World is TOO STUPID TO GET IT" so we will just continue this bullshite in hell on earth for another 1000 yrs is Beyond Common Sense. Just Doesn't cut it.

If you listen to what he has said, it will take time and alot of dying for things to get better. The children are who he is going to save and rightfully so. Revelations didnt take place in a week or even a year. It started a while ago and will take some time. What is the saying? Rome wasnt built in a day

Your talking to me? Have I listened to what he's been saying? I have been listening to him and Janelle all most 4 yrs now, spreading the Good News that Christ the Father is back and Defending Everything he puts out. You Might have heard of me, LisaMarie Wonders? Doh, lol. The Problem is He keeps changing his mind when its suits him. The 144000 thousand are now null n void, thats what he's saying now and it appears we are all to convert to Islam? So his new in the future 144000 muslim virgins can carry his seed? WTF So what Happened to Michael and Gabriel the Archangels coming with the rest of the heavenly Angels to wipe evil off the face of the earth? and it appears now that the Many mansions are spread out all over the universe, when all along He's been saying No life can be out there cause its all happening here on earth. What's next, ET's are real? Stop Defending his wishy washy ways. It's Put Up or Shut Up Time.

He Proves who he is, with Bible codes, Measuring the Earth, Moon and Stars with the Great Pyramind, got all that and it makes sense to me. The Synchronicities throughtout his life, yep got that too. Then he talks about Lucifer can have heaven "CHECKMATE". Lucifer and his fallen angels cant come back to earth because of the Van Allen Radiation belt. All 7 Billion souls are now on earth, so when the baddies start dying off they cant come back. So How in Heavens name are we going to populate the Universe? Paradise is here already? how is that possible? You cant have Paradise on earth while hell is still here, that's an OxyMoron. And another thing that bothers me is They have forgiven everyone even the Homosexuals cause the whole world is Fucked up because of lucifer, then they turn around and Condem everyone again! That is just a Cruel Mind game. Is that what the Creator is all about? No I Dont Think So! I think somebody has had Way Toooo Much Coke Cola.

Thank the good Lord that lisa is starting to see through the b/s...

God is doing the best he/she can, actually God is doing an amazing job! ( Thanks Yahweh ) Just to make life possible is a miracle, not to mention the complexities of how everything, down to the microscopic level works together to make it all happen. Love is the only way to go, to understand God and to be like God. People learn the hard way through Lucifer's evil reign, to love everyone and everything no MATTER WHAT!!!!People look and complain about the small petty things in life and choose not to Love and Lucifer is there to burn them, until they start Loving again, and God will out smart us all. The trick is to Love everyone and everything and out smart Lucifer. Out smarting God is not going to happen!!!

Well then Human reincarnated Yahweh needs to get Reaquainted with his Heavenly counterpart then. Instead of acting like an Egotistical bigot. He doesnt Project Love, you would think that He should Show Unconditional love for All His Children, but Brian doesnt often show that, when he does, soon after its back to Hell and damnation for All who dont believe him! You know that saying "Love will build a bridge" but hate and divison will separate us all. your right Jas, our Creator is a Miracle worker, He made All things in heaven and on earth. So it's time for Brian act like our Creator, Prove it to the World, it's time.

The Raw Story: Church member defends NC pastor: LGBT people 'worthy of death' ------ There is Nothing more Hateful and Vile than Religion. GOD HAS NO RELIGION We are all his children, when the world finally understands this, peace and love in the hearts of humanity will truely reign free. ~ LisaMarie Wonders

"A God who kept tinkering with the universe was absurd; a God who interfered with human freedom and creativity was tyrant. If God is seen as a self in a world of his own, an ego that relates to a thought, a cause separate from its effect. he becomes a being, not Being itself. An omnipotent, all knowing tyrant is not so different from earthly dictators who make everything and everybody mere cogs in the machine which they controlled. An atheism that rejects such a God is amply justified." ― Karen Armstrong

Brian Yahweh has more than proven who he is and what creation is all about, without a shadow of a doubt, God/Yahweh is playing a game with humanity you could say, so humanity can Wake up to the Truth, its about Love and doing what is right always, if not Lucifer will have a foot hold in ones life, the only way I can over come Lucifer is through Love and doing what is right as I've just said. Blaming God for anything is not the answer ( I have done so in the past ), this is obvious when thought through logically. Much Love and Righteousness

Really jas, Brian Proves who he is, I know that. I dont have a beef with you dear and never once have I implied that Brian hasnt Proved who he is! But if He wants the world to Believe Him without a shadow of a doubt, then he needs to make good on his Promises and predictions he puts out in his videos. Love Doesnt play Head games, Lucifer does. Enough said.

theglastonburygirl're a disgusting bastard, treating Lisa like that when you know she is feeling sad about her Ma at the Mo, you indeed behave like a satanist!

Message to Lisa....Go Girl, I knew you'd turn out good..God bless your soul and your Ma xx

just tryin to see if you Blocked me on this channel as well. I am only asking questions and making statements that need answered. If you cant do it then something is Terribly Wrong. And its Not up to the People who believe in you to keep defending your wishy washy ways.Stop Using people for your benefit. Brian You Stand Up and Make good on your Promises, You Stand Up for yourself. I cant Believe I have been with you this long, getting the word out for you and now i ask questions you dont want to answer so you toss me aside like and old rag? Watch out my friends i am Not the first one they have done this to.

Amazing, I still be here. So How about the Proof that You have cured anyone of cancer and aids? All we have is your word on anything, that doesnt make it Proof. what happened to Sherrykay? remember her Husband had that Huge terrible sore on his back, and colloidal silver was suppose to cure that. I dont see her singing the praises of Yahweh curing her poor husband, she's not friends with you anymore. How about MfromCanada1 trying MMS2 didn't seem to help her and then she stopped being friends with you on youtube. Those things might help some people, but they dont seem to be cure alls. Elaine was really sick and tried colloidal silver and just keep getting sicker. she had to take antibiotics to get rid of it. Actually, in all these yrs, i have known you guys, i havent seen one person come out and say that they have been cured of Cancer etc. from using Brians methods. So if He has cured all these people the news would spread? like wildfire. the media couldn't hide all of it

the M and the X on the palm was a Lie just to Throw it out there to get peoples attention. A LOt of People Believed that little white lie. You cant use people and then Not expect them to wake up down the rode and Not be upset with you! What about Martha, she gave birth to twins. So then here another question you wont answer. If she had twins then that means there is another Most Royal Heir here? If so then that mean you have to share that title with another person?

and another thing that bothers me, i come back online lookin thru videos, and i am Appauled at This families treatment of other human beings that dont believe in brian and janelle. The Filth that comes out in the comments in defense of these two Makes me ASHAMED of what we have become. I know i have done it myself and i am DISGUSTED with myself for acting like that and have apologied to a few people already. God is About Love, Jesus said to Love one another, Not Fling this Hatred around. and if that is what Brian and Janelle are about, then what they are about is a Lie,and I dont want No part of it. I am Not a Bully, I care about People and its about time You people show this as well!

I dont Claim to be God, I dont have to Prove anything, except be true to who i am, in what God has made me, You guys on the otherhand are a different kettle of fish. You Claim it, You Prove it.

Lisa darling, you don't understand me, I am the reincarnation of Judas and will defend Yahweh and the truth to the death, Lisa you want answers, but Yahweh has given them, you want Global paradise, but Yahweh cannot force it, You want to attack Yahweh, but he does not retaliate, Love and Truth is most important, Yahweh has taught me this. What is Yahweh teaching you Now???????

Jasz your a real trip! Good luck on your Journey judas, your gonna need it. ;-)

I am my own God, and I do not believe in luck or chance, everything happens for a reason, Much Love to you Lisa

He's teaching me that he is a Big Time Coward with Not much Love or Truth at all! and you jumping to defend him no matter what, Looks like where i was these past 4 yrs. Brian wants me to take my sites down. Well Ofcourse he does. He Doesnt want the world to see All the Contractions he has made over the years. it would make him look bad No He has Not given us any real answers. Judas huh? a little Demi God of Brian. He Will Ignore you too when the time comes.

Yahweh is no Coward that's for sure, he's been trying to piss off the whole adult world and he's doing an excellent job at it, I see his been pissing you off quite well indeed, and there's a reason for it, which I've come to understand. Yahweh is only making you a better person, if you realize it, or not, and that's what I call Love

Oh He's trying to make me a better person ---> What a Load of Crap. lol Well I am trying to make Him a better Person too. Stop being a Liar and a Coward Brian. by any change jas, do you wear a ring in your nose? My my my, jas is the New Shining star of the Yah Squad.

Lisa you have become the Great Queen Troll, I've read all your posts here and 2 days worth of posts on your channel, and the evil stench that comes forth from your words are becoming unbearable to read, you are heading down an evil path, and choices have consequences. I am disgusted with your evil intent and manipulation, and you Lisa and Ren should have a Troll wedding and become King and Queen Troll's of Yahweh and make it official.

I am Now the Great Queen of the Trolls ---> Cool. I'd rather be the lone wolf on the outside, with a Sword of Truth, than run with the crowd. There is Nothing Evil in my questions or statements. I am Not Manipulating anything. Wanting to know the Truth is not Manipulation. Keep going jas, cause you are a Perfect Example of what's Wrong with Blind Obedience in brians cult like tactics. Question Everything dearheart, if it doesnt ring true, then it prolly isnt.

WakeUPtoYAHWEH Sheeple
LisaMarie I ask that you please stop ranting on my channel. This is not a venting forum. Everyone is free to believe what they want, to make up their own minds, follow their own path and find their own Truth.

I am Not Ranting, I have given you aleast 4 yrs of my life, Devoted to spreading what i thought was the truth, I am asking Questions and Stating Facts of what you have come out with over the years, that you wont own up to. Either you are the Truth or You are Not, It's just that simple.