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Janelle - The Mother Of All Living DEAD Things

YahwehNow3168 on Jun 23, 2011

As any mother with their head screwed on straight would do, Janelle does what is right for her children. She is the soul of Asherah, female half of the Godhead, or "God's wife" if you will.
It is through Asherah giving birth to the visible universe that our lives exist today. Now, at the end of the age of hell on Earth, Asherah returns alongside Yahweh as they fight to save as many of their children as they can.
Asherah, the Mother of ALL Living, is a solid pillar of Truth, guidance and understanding in a world gone mad. We love you... no... we super-love you, Asherah!!

Asherah The Mother Of All Living DEAD Things

YahwehNow3168 December 04, 2010

Concerning Asherah

Hi all :-D

I received a message from our beautiful Asherah, which she asked for me to send around. My love to you all, Joel.

Asherah is the Light that came from within Yahweh in the beginning of the Creation. Yahweh was all dark matter and thought, from within him He brought forth the Light which equals 10% of the Universe, the dark matter is Yahweh, and holds all things together is 90%. The visible universe therefore is Asherah and is why she is the Mother of All Living.

The story of Adam and Eve is a parable, to communicate with mankind in a way they can understand, for truly the mind of God cannot be comprehended by mankind it is too far above them.

When the Light came out from within the side of dark matter Yahweh, the first sound was heard and that was the sound of shhhhhhrh . There are no vowel sounds in Hebrew and so Yahweh is YHWH and Ahserah SHRH.

A little has been written about Asherah as the consort or wife of Yahweh. The reality is that in ancient times it was understood that the Godhead was Yahweh and Asherah, Father and Mother, Abbah and Ammah, and then once that is understood, then the quote from Genesis makes sense "let us make man and woman in our image" as a conversation between Yahweh and His Asherah.

Again the knowledge of the existence of the female counterpart of the Godhead has been removed by the writers of the bible, however, as all things have been hidden by Yahweh for protection to be revealed at the time of the end which is now, there were codes left for Yahweh to find in the script of the bible and therefore work it out then expose all to mankind...that is what the revelation is...a period of time from the rebirth of Yahweh until the time of the end 69years, where He as the only mind capable of doing so finds the codes in the measuring of the Creation and the Pyramid and then explains all things to a deceived mankind.

Naturally, Lucifer has to pervert all things concerning Almighty God, Yahweh and Asherah and so what have grown over time are the worship abominations that have deceived mankind and occupied the mind of the student.

When the Truth is revealed by Yahweh, it is only the meek who are teachable, that do come to understand, the arrogant that believe and wager their lives on the knowledge they have acquired over a lifetime, will not get it.
The reality is that Asherah is the "counterstrike" at first hidden, then prepared and then launched by Yahweh to sink Lucifer's ship!

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