Monday, June 20, 2011

A Message From Yahweh To The World 14th June 2011

YahwehNow3168 on Jun 13, 2011

Message from Yahweh to the world... in His mercy He is giving
everyone of Israel, being the white western nations of Europe, England,
America and Australia... and NOTHING to do with the lump of dirt that is
Palestine, until 30th of September 2011 to repent and to believe in
Him. From that point in time there will be no more chance to repent,
You cannot approach God and live. You cannot enter the Heavenly realm
without believing in Yahweh, Lord Jesus Christ, Brian Leonard Golightly
Marshall. You will face the second death and that is the annihilation
of your soul... The days have already been shortened... 11th March 2011
the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and unless your soul is one with the
soul of God you cannot enter Heaven, and you will be consumed by fire
so that your soul will no longer exist..."Fear Him that can kill your
body and soul in hell"...You are in hell now, the way out is to
believe in Yahweh, The Lord Jesus Christ, Brian Leonard Golightly
Marshall, who has come down to hell to open the prison gates to set you
free. It is an intellectual battle for your mind, you must overcome
the Lucifer delusion and arrive at the intellectual capacity to see,
and understand, the prison that Lucifer has your mind locked in. Through
the bible, churches, schools, universities, governments, mind control,
distraction through entertainment, propaganda of the mass
media, history written by the victor Lucifer. The man Jesus was the
soul of the Creator Yahweh in the young body of flesh known as
Yahshua, YahSaves, known in modern times as Jesus... The debate over
names means nothing, the FACT of His being born again on January 11th
1944 at 2.22am in Sydney Australia, as the thief in the night is
recorded in His Altar to the Lord in the midst of Egypt, the Great
Pyramid, it leaves no room for ignorance and no excuse for the
unbelievers. The Altar is the bible in stone. There is, available now
to the world, myriads of evidence for every eye to see and every ear to
hear the knowledge of the Truth, because God Almighty has revealed the
evidence for mankind to study.