Saturday, December 4, 2010

That's how it's working I guess

528htz November 27, 2010 Below is the rest of the story that wouldn't do for time while making the video.

Jesus was born on June 17th of 2 BC. If you go back from that date 280 days (normal period of human gestation) that brings you to the date of Jesus' conception on September 11th of 3 BC. This is why 9/11 is a day of sacrifice for the satanists as they are anti creation/god. These dates were all prophesized in the Great Pyramid (Altar to the Lord), which also prophecizes Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall's birthday on Jan 11, 1944.

Its not important if you believe at this point... just that you have the information. Jesus's name in Aramaic two thousand years ago was Yahshuah, or Joshua in English. He was the same height as Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is today 6'02". Both Mary and Joseph were from England and were very tall. I know there is much bullshit out there about Jesus' appearance. Just a couple weeks ago some moron pastor from South Africa was claiming Jesus was black and was HIV positive! Keep doing the research..your soul will lead you to the truth.

Attempts at communication with several sinisters went like this: The no return call from the editor was no surpise the paper is owned by the monster Rupert Murdoch...the same thing happened to us in PNG...2 times they would not publish the cure for aids being in their nation inspite of the evidence of the lame walking and the blind seeing...we took eight of the cured to meet the reporter and still a white man from melbourne who had only been the editor 3 months the same time we arrived the first time in PNG...he did not allow the publication of what would have been world no big deal for us...we are thrilled though with the meek of the people who are believing and helping us...they are indeed worthy of Yahweh's man told us last night that after we left his house on Monday, the blessing upon his family had settled all strife and now there was peace amongst them....Posted by Asherah, Yahweh's wife.

No the editor did not call back but the PA to the PM did to tell us that she was making an appointment for us when the PM returns next week from China...also what was very strange is the sudden resignation on Tuesday night of the acting PM..the son of the Freemason first President...we susepct that the editor phoned the PM's office after my call and the resignation of the acting PM is in response to the news of the Christ return...very interesting to say the least...we are working on a submission to Frank...Love Asherah

John of God is an abomination. He channels "entities" that allow him to heal. I encourage you to view a series of 5 videos posted of a former Mexican Satanist High Priest. Just do a search on youtube of Former Mexican Artist EX SATANIST HIGH PRIEST TESTIMONY... you will learn what the healing voodoo is about.

Yes Ron Paul is a Freemason. He is the controlled opposition. He knows exactly what is going on and takes his orders to put on a good show for all the patriots out there that want real change. He will yell at the Federal Reserve and demand an audit, but thats all. He is a distraction and nothing else. Ron Paul is not only a Freemason, but he is an Illuminated Freemason. He takes his orders directly from the Vatican. Freemasons are told at the 32nd degree that Lucifer is their god. If they make it to the 33rd Degree, then they are active satanists and have killed or given the order to kill another person. Freemasonry is a trap used to lure bright minds to Lucifer then convince them the evil they perpetuate is actually good. There will be no freemasons alive after 12/21/12 unless they repent in the name of Yahweh.

The angelic realm has given you the name of God today in your dream....His name today is Brian Leonard Golightly the videos and get yourself aquainted with the returned Lord Jesus Christ and thank your angels for guiding you to the ultimate and peace...Asherah

Everyone should see the Jesse Ventura expose ' on the FEMA Camps... that should wake up several sleeping sheeple.

This is checkmatelucifer on youtube. In this video Yahweh begins new Jerusalem so to speak in Fiji and if Figi accepts this and shows freemasonry and the queen what for.

So, I bet now you are going to ask me what I think about all of this right? Someone out there by the online name of capital APT420- asked a question and the answer was: You are doing a great job helping to spread the word. Once the information is put out, the right people will find it.

AL CIA'da Google search results. What? Only 328,000 hits.

Please visit BrianIsYahweh basically the main page and don't hesitate any longer than you need to, to make a decision to visit with the folks you find there.