Friday, December 10, 2010

the Sun comes up in the East, right?

the Sun comes up in the East, right? Well guess what folks, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. why?

12/05/2010 9:00am

528htz | December 05, 2010

12/05/2010 9:am I will do this as often as opportunity permits and post them.
This is the Sun coming up after a very long time with nothing but intermittent activity. I live in a location where the surrounding air is influenced by large warmer bodies of flowing water so, I only get real sunlight under cold conditions at least, most of the time. 1310 ft elevation line of the Columbia River.

If it gets too cold it can become quite overcast too. I got a little excited at first as, my mind kept saying the Sun comes up in the East stupid and so, I was saying I was looking that way. But if you pay attention to the Grape vine rows, you will see what I mean. The Vines run due North and South. Can you imagine my surprise after waiting for so long to get a good look and seeing this?

I have had to rely on others observations while investigating this phenomenon like, 2010TheCountdown and now BeePeeOilSpill since the ROV's have shut down. I spoke to this in a earlier video but, can't remember which one that, it appeared at that time as though the Sun was going to come up on the mountain horizon across the Columbia River.

Well, that has indeed happened here and on a peculiar angle as well. 28 years and I have never seen this Nor has anyone else I have brought it to the attention of even folks living here most of their lives. It has gone almost entirely unnoticed.

It is becoming ever increasingly difficult to stick to a single topic with all of the things going on that appear to be relative, relatively speaking.