Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a little pill - Mr Zoloft - Wow! Too True.

From: Weary Tales

Just a little pill
It want hurt not that big
Easy to swallow
Then Mr Zoloft will take it all away
The doctors says
All will go

The scars inside from inside
Caused by the surgeons knife to many to count
The sights will go
The pain inside your head
The anger sadness happiness
All will go and life will be smooth cool
The whispers of people’s eyes
Their words all will go
Just take the little pill and your mind no more
Will care for the home around
No more will you see the sorrow fear hurt in their eyes
No more will you hear the hate love despair
As this little pill will take it all away
Just me and Mr Zoloft
Just ignore the little warnings
May cause coma
May cause headaches
If any of these happens see your doctor quick
But what if I don’t see what it does to me
So for a while I think Mr Zoloft in the pack you stay
As I need the pain
I have to see feel my children’s eyes then I am alive
I need to care without a thought of payment due
When it comes to me I think
I will just balance my senses and feelings
I will try to be just controlled
In such an awkward mixed up unbalanced unjust world we live
As I am just me no need to be me and a little pill
As I smile and close the cupboard door
I think i will just sit here and rock for a while
if thats all right and think just think of the world we live
why you just belive what a happy place it is

stay strong in truth and love
grow weak in lies and hate
weary traveller