Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bloodthirsty Demons in Human Form

Posted by Visible
Thursday, June 25

There are so many examples of pornographic insanity, rotating on an endless loop, like tin ducks at a shooting gallery, in this carnival of the absurd. Things like this are so far beyond understanding that you are left in awe of the darkness in the soul of man. Here in the age of the unconfirmed reports and the anonymous government spokesmen, we are led to believe that the Iranians are throwing people off of bridges and chopping them up with axes in the street. It isn’t happening.

In the meantime, the American government; the Israeli government and the British government are killing hundreds of thousands of people; wiping out villages with unmanned drones, torturing people in secret prisons, tazering citizens on the streets, butchering women and children. These things are confirmed. These things are happening. Compared to the Charlie Manson antics of the aforementioned gang of three, Ahmanedijad is Mahatma Gandhi.

The hypocrisy is off the charts. The reality of what is taking place is not a matter of debate. It has been a long time in the planning. Consonant with these psychopathic efforts has been the progressive dumbing down of the populations of the West. Because you really have to be remarkably stupid to even consider what we are being told about world events and government policies, it is Job One to make the people as stupid as possible so that they will swallow any and every lie no matter how they contradict reality.

The country that runs America and her wooden puppet president can do anything they like. They can gun down people on the land they have stolen from them. They can do it every day and they do. Then they can raise their hypocritical cries of protest about the death of a woman in Iran, through their control of world media, as if this were the greater injury. We do not know who killed this woman in Iran. We do know who is murdering Palestinians each and every day. We do know who is doing this and we do know what is going on with this.

I have to assume that all of this is being done for the purpose of demonstration. I have to believe there is a cosmic law at work that is compelling the demons among us to broadcast to the world the damning evidence of their evil actions and intentions. I have to believe that this is all a part of the process of some higher court that is putting all defense of such callous behavior beyond any possibility of success.

A South Carolina, Christian hypocrite of a governor, inexplicably flies off to Argentina to see his paramour. This is the same governor who made such a big deal about Bill Clinton and his ambulatory, cigar humidor. In the Louisiana legislature we are treated to the certain evidence that life has become a Grand Guignol by way of Donald Duck. Strange events around the world have become commonplace. It’s getting crazier and crazier by the day. “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” Madness… utter madness.

While various ancient cultures seek to maintain their continuity, another culture which has gone from empty promises to; bankrupting the population and destroying the manufacturing base, instituting fascist laws and phony hate crime legislations, to reality shows that celebrate the vapidity and fast foods superficiality of a wasted existence, onward to who knows what banal enterprises and suicidal patterns of inspired self destruction… where people get probation for murder and mayhem and life sentences are handed out for ingesting chemicals many times less dangerous than those provided by corporations in the interest of destroying the nation’s health… so that more profits can roll in for treatments that treat nothing.

What do we make of this? I am so transfixed by the unbelievable spectacle of what I am seeing that I can no longer even answer my emails. I don’t know what to say to anyone. I can’t continue with my projects because there is no longer a recognizable world to produce them for. We have become a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Brutal bloodthirsty demons walk with impunity among us. Their cabals of serial murder with connections to the highest levels of government continue to be revealed. The rape and murder of children and the connections between the various killers and the governments empowered to arrest such activities have become inarguable. Rent boys in the White House. The British pedophile rings and the world-wide pedophile rings. What does one say to all of this?

Indigenous peoples are being murdered and threatened with extinction by corporations who want what’s to be taken from their lands. These are very strange times. Whatever is coming must be very near at hand. Certainly this summer we are going to see outrage and violence explode around the world. In the meantime, some large portion of the population is indifferent to anything but the satisfaction of their self-interest. Their blindness is near absolute. The cynical media outdoes itself by the day in catering to the very worst elements in human nature. I am in awe.

As many of you here know, I go to a certain forum that purports to be representative of the educated and intelligent among us. Here we find people with degrees and lucrative professions. These are people with pretensions for having read great books, who talk glibly about all manner of things and wax wide with incredible vanity about what they know and how well they know it. Across the internet in similar locations, those of us who should know better, spend their time preening like red assed baboons, masturbating for the public’s entertainment and their own.

Dear reader… what can the outcome be? How deep will they sink and how great will be the outrage that they practice and permit? Are there any limits to what they will pull out of their asses and set as a centerpiece for their lives?

I have to wonder if I have gone mad. Have I walked through some unknown door into a place that is no longer on this Earth? Did I fall asleep and wake up in some purgatory; some twisted bardo? If fifty foot demons with enormous bellies suddenly appeared on the street and began to dance an Irish jug I probably wouldn’t bat an eye.

Something’s coming people; it cannot go on as it is. Some great summing up is at hand. I feel as if there is some carrousel like the records in an old juke box. Each record is a door and the carrousel stands before everyone on the planet at the same time. Each person inserts their quarter and dials up the world that they intend to enter. At some point, all of the worlds that are represented by the chosen songs will spin off into space and begin to rotate around some distant star. There, like will engage with like, as they begin a cosmic cycle all of their own.

There is no reality. There is no balance. I would suggest that everyone take some time to look within themselves and determine what they truly want and what matters the most. I can’t shake the feeling that this is the main determinant for what will appear to each and every one of us.

All of this said, I remain hopeful that the better part of what we might have been will endure in some way, in some place, once the darkness of these times is finally sorted to its well deserved end.

Something’s coming people; it cannot go on as it is. ~Saladin