Friday, December 19, 2008

U.S. vs. U.S.A Must see chart to explain it

Both systems concurrently exist today. However, the corporate system has been gaining predominance in the last 70 years.

Many Sovereigns (We the people) have contracted with the corporate system unknowingly, unintentionally, and or without full disclosure.

Which one do You want for Yourself, Your family, and Your posterity?

Once you learn the difference, You may have to make a decision for Yourself, Your family, and Your posterity. That decision will require changes in how you conduct yourself.

You will have to undo what has been done to make your Sovereign status known.

This is not taught in the corporate government's public school system, because you are not to know.

The "One World government" system wants and needs to have power and control over the population (masses)they call "Human Resources."

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