Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brian Marshall - Aids Cure Lies

Wake Up People, This IS Happening Now! - Lisa

We will be in the New Guinea higlands in January, there are 1000 people there with HIV AIDS and we just bought the equipment to do 100 people a day. The area is Pergara, altitude 6000 feet. There is a great deal of opposition by the AIDS Council world wide, I only have to phone, say my name and they hang up, its hard to believe but I am that well known. No radio station will talk to me nor news papers. It is all to do with the Clinton Foundation, the drug companies make 500 per month on AZT that all HIV sufferers must take and can not stop, they are told they will die if they stop for 1 day.

So they have it all stitched up, the government avoids paying as they are broke and the Clinton Foundation gets donations from the world and they funnel the money back to the drug suppliers. The AIDS patent was granted to the USA Health Department on March 3rd 1987 Google 4647773 to see the patent.
The BULLSHIT is so deep that what appears to be respectable organizations are in fact corporate clubs that hold 'what can we do to help' seminars, all very caring but 'THERE IS NO CURE FOR AIDS' and tell us basically to Fuck off.

It is so deeply instilled in society that no member can be a member unless they abide by the no cure dogma and will not look at videos showing us curing HIV AIDS, TB, Gonorrheae, Syphilis, Malaria Cancer, and all blood borne diseases, death in the blood when removed is replaced with life, the blood tests show the blood is immortal, mine shows that with no deterioration for 57 days, so I discarded it, blood usually dies in 3 days in a petrie dish.

The T-Cell of our blood 'the eyes of the immune system' was combined with a cancel T-cell then cloned and termed immortal, therefore the back door benefit these bastards did not realise that when cured of AIDS the T-Cell retains immortality and duplicates via its altered DNA AND BECOME LIKE cancer cell that have long been known to be immortal, normal cells are not due to a withered telomer strand, this is why it continues relentlessly devouring near by cells.

I began curing cancer in 1997, again was ignored. The AIDS virus was cloned from the immortal T-cell of an adult leukaemia. My treatment evolved and now I combine 4 treatment and the virus is wiped out in ¼ hour.

Cheers Brian and Janelle Golightly Marshall