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Pandamonia Feb 16, 2011


UPDATE THE DOLLAR says 'DIE' right on it.

the bible is bullshit MIND CONTROL via ROYAL deMONARCHY!!!

SHeeple it really aint that hard to see once you turn TV off. All roads lead back to ENGLAND.
Don't limit ur thinking to 'German' think Babylonian, Iranian, Egyptian, Persia, Noble, Kings, Queens and Snake worshippers.

more links to come VOLUME: Sorry that you might need to turn it up...and haters said I talked slow and looked stoned...hahaha, yeah baby. Anyway...the bottom line is I'm not a tv watcher so all the 'commerical appeal' is outta me. I don't have the attention deficiet BOOK of speaking rules....If you dont watch this video it's the LINKS you are missing.
And a tid bit of info to take you to the links. YOU ARE BEING PLAYED. IF you don't want to know then 30 seconds is too long let alone this video. I wanted to try out my 15+ mins and put all the links up too WHILE never having to explain MARCH 22 on yt box again! YAY!!

The links are very interesting if you take time to watch the doc's. YOu want to know what makes your spastic enemy tick don't you. Well Obsessive Compulsive over Dates, Money, Symbols and Blood is pretty well all you need to know. They obsess over GOD more than you ever will. THey hate GOD and They cremate JESUS whether you believe in them or not. They most definitely do.

I left out a lot of crazy stuff.
Like how the Queen of England is obsessed with Byzantine Persia and how it is all about BABYLON Stuff.
Google Saddam Hussein and Reincarnation and you'll see this has been a battle since the beginning of time.
And how and why they are obsessed with math. And how they use math since we are made of molecules and frequencies. And tesla's role in everything they control us with. Scalar weaponry. Bad people with technology. They could cure droughts but instead they flood us and give us Katrina. Tsunami's. Earthquakes and 911 Buildings into dust. Dead Birds and Fish.

re remember AIR FRANCE? (end vid)
man made lightning IONATRON.COM brags about it.

Banned Video: Knowledge Hoarding-Mind Control-Symbology-Lies

WolfgangPuckerup | Aug 9, 2010

*note: the ring gets a lot of mention. It is a $20 ring with an S for Sherrie given to her by her daughter*
This Sherrie Lea video was banned after being up 1/2 a day.
There are photo's at Sherri's page. (computer print screens of it being rejected due to content).
What is the content that got rejected? We see star of davids everywhere. Obelisks at every American Dream speech.

Perhaps it is not the content, but the rate of which it went viral. It's not uncommon for videos that take a life of their own to quickly be deleted by youtube, only for it to be reuploaded and permitted again. This is what we believe to have happened in this and other youtubers cases. Re: Alex Jones 'Joker' Vids for example.