Monday, May 4, 2009

Hello this is your wake up call

Hello Americans this is your wake up call. The dream is over its time to wake up now.
I do not have to tell you anything you do not know. I just need you to listen to what you are trying to ignore. Your personal alarm clock is ringing. YOU JUST NEED TO WAKE UP!

Your music is screaming truths that you are refusing to hear.
Ozzie Ozborn-war pigs, Green day- american idiot, James mcmurty- cant make it here anymore,metalica-one,Rise against, Rage against the machine, beastie boys.

They want you to hear the truth that you refuse to hear
Its time to wake up.

Your movies are showing truths to you that you refuse to see.
The kingdom, Body of lies, W, Platoon, Wall-E, The watchmen, Nixon vs Frost, Citizen Kane, Network, 1984, V for Vendetta who killed the Electric car.

They are trying to show you the truth that you do not want to see.
Its time to wake up.

The books that you read are trying to explain to you what you do not want to believe.
Johnny get your gun, Atlas shrugged, Buried Alive- Walter Karp, The secret history of the American empire, The shock doctrine-Niomi Kline, your government failed you, The Revolution-Ron Paul.

They are trying to explain to you the truths you do not want to believe.
Its time to wake up.

Tv and news papers are white noise trying to keep you asleep.
There headlines stories of Brittney Spears, traffic light cameras and swine flue are only there to keep you asleep to the truth.
Some news stories you might not have seen because they didnt make the news.

Man drives DC to Washington state on 12 gallons of water, murdered (Stan Meyers)
Prison spending outpaces all but Medicaid.
The Federal Reserve is a private corporation that can print money at will, and does.
The DC Madam who had a list of clients hung herself, Ironically so did her partner.
Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash
Martin Luther King was the FBI most dangerous person in 1963(a suspected communist.)
The US military has been involved in 250 actions since World War Two.
10 million children die yearly for lack of basic medical aid that the U.S could provide at almost no cost in countries whose economies Exxon and the Bank of America have looted.
Upwards to 600,000 Iraqs killed or murdered, Not one body shown.
4,000 + troops killed not one body shown.
The bodies are building up, how long can we hide them?

We live under a brutal Totalitarian style government that has no interest in anything except keeping itself in power. The current bailouts to financial institutions that have never lost money while keeping interest rate at zero (free money)should be proof enough. There is no capitalist system. They win you loose, They loose, you loose. You do as your told or you will be sent to the rape rooms of prison or exploited in a broken and corrupt judicial system.

It is time to wake up to the truth. There is nothing you can do except know the truth and spread the truth. Violence only breeds more violence, this brutal system will inevitably be crushed under it own weight.

The future is built on the moral Decisions of the past.
It is time to be virtuous to build a better future.

Wake up.

By: One of many